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reconfigurable multipoint forming using waffle

Low-cost metal-forming process using an elastic

Due to the need for low-cost tooling and quality parts, a new technique has been developed which brings together the benefits of both multi-point forming (MPF) and rubber-pad forming. A significant disadvantage of MPF is the time required to adjust the heights of the pins in the upper and lower matrices and align the tools. Rubber forming achieves flexibility by replacing one of the MPF pin

Finite element modelling of multi-point forming

The need for sheet metal forming using reconfigurable dies has increased due to rapid changes in part design to meet customer requirements, especially in the automotive industry. Reconfigurable dies have relatively low manufacturing cost compared with solid dies and the same tool can be readily changed to produce different parts. GEOMETRIC RECONFIGURATION OF THE MULTIPOINT The reconfigurable multipoint forming (RMPF) is a flexible sheet metal manufacturing method used in small batch production. The technology is known also as MPF - Multipoint Forming [6, 7, 9, 10, 15] or DDF - Digitized Die Forming [1-3]. In this manufacturing method a pins matrix

Hydro-multipoint Forming, a Challenge in Sheet Metal

Jun 05, 2017 · Abstract. The Hydro-Multipoint Forming is a new technology for sheet metal manufacturing appeared as a response to the demands of the global marketplace toward batch and customized production. The technology is a combination between two metal forming processes multipoint forming and hydroforming. The Hydro-Multipoint Forming reconfigurability is assured Influence of Die Elements Shapes on Process Parameters --Keywords Multipoint die, CAD, Bezier surfaces, reconfigurable dies. I. INTRODUCTION ECONFIGURABLE multipoint sheet metal forming (MPSMF) is a flexible manufacturing technology which assures the production a variety of three dimensional sheet metal parts with low costs in comparison with the using of the solid dies. The main characteristic of

International Journal of Mining, Metallurgy & Mechanical

geometry in the reconfigurable multipoint forming considering the influence of the contact points in deformation process and the presence and the absence of the interpolators in deformation system. Eugen Gvan [12] concerned with the development of a method for die punch geometry configuration using Matlab program. Optimization of conventional spinning process parameters Lexian, H., Dariani, B. M. Effect of roller nose radius and release angle on the forming quality of a hot-spinning process using a non-linear finite element shell analysis. Proc. Proc. IMechE, Part B:J. Engineering Manufacture 2009 , 223 (6), 713 722 DOI:10.1243/09544054JEM1445


Multipoint forming is an engineering concept which means that the working surface of the dieand/or punch is made up of hemispherical ends of individual active elements (called pins), whereeach pin can be independently, vertically displaced using a geometrically reconfigurable die,precious production time is saved because several different products can be made withoutchanging tools. Reconfigurable Multipoint Forming Using Waffle-Type There is an increasing demand for flexible, relatively inexpensive manufacturing techniques that can accommodate frequent changes to part design and production technologies, espec

Reconfigurable tooling:Revolutionizing composites

The hot topic on the reshapable/reusable mold tool front is multipoint forming (MPF). MPF has been used to shape sheet metal for decades. Featuring reconfigurable dies comprising numerous pins, MPF realizes the desired tooling surface geometry by adjusting individual pin height. SPRING-BACK IN MULTI-POINT DISCRETE DIE V-BENDINGSheet metal forming using Multi-Point Discrete Dies (MPDD) is a forming technique in which the punch and die surfaces are discretized using arrays of pins leading to manufacturing flexibility and the ability to produce more than one product with the same die.


unbending stage using STAMP3D and DD3IMP, Special Edition Metal Forming Conference 2008, Steel Research International, ISSN 1611-3683 , 1 (79):186-193, 2008 (cotata ISI) 2. V. Paunoiu, P Cekan, M. Banu, A Epureanu, D Nicoara, Simulation of the combined reconfigurable multipoint forming and rubber forming, , Special Edition Metal Forming Conference Virtual Compensation of Springback in Sheet Metal springback compensation in deformation with multipoint reconfigurable die and the results of the virtual compensation of this phenomenon using the finite element method, as the central part of the proposed algorithm. Key words:reconfigurable systems, multipoint deformation, sheet metal forming, springback 1. Introduction

Reconfigurable Multipoint Forming Using Waffle-Type

42 rows · Reconfigurable multi-point forming (MPF) is an advanced manufacturing technique which uses a

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