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stuck oil filteruse a pipe wrench bob is the oil guy

1/2" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

Maximum Torque 650 ft-lb helps to break free fasteners that are stubborn or stuck 7500 RPM (Free Speed @90PSI) helps provide high power fastening One Hand Operation-Forward/Reverse Switch for quick and easy switching

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All of the videos showed the same thing, a partner to help, rubber mallet, WD40, pipe wrench, etc. then there was this one video where a guy used these two "collars" and an Allen wrench. The collars are placed on the cylinder then tightened and they worked together to :Customer reviews:IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5 Jul 25, 2018 · I have a mower blade that's utterly stuck on my deck due to a grade 8 bolt that just won't budge. I tried heat, penetrating oil, a breaker bar, repeated tapping, impact driver, Vise-grips, big Channel-Locks, a pipe wrench, etc. until the head was pretty much rounded off.

BoaterEd - Trick For Remov Oil Filter?and NOW a Fuel Filter

Mar 06, 2008 · I want to meet the Gorilla who put the oil filters on my boat. I am a decent size guy, 205 good condition pounds, with large strap wrench and I cannot budge either filter. Mercruiser 350 MPI Magnum Bluewaters. The oil filters are forward on the top, port side of the engines. That makes the filter on the starboard engine very easy to get to. Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader Restorations:How They Did It Upon returning home, Michael found the machines motor locked up tighter than a drum. Shrugging, the mechanic put a bit of oil down in the spark plug hose and let it set overnight. The next day, he pulled on the drive shaft slightly with a pipe wrench. It moved, no longer stuck.


May 18, 2011 · No way to get heat to the spindle "sleeve". I have some pentrating oil on them now. I don't want to drill out the rivets holding those front end assemblies on. But if I have to, I will. I think tomorrow I'll pull all the ski assemblies off I can. I might be able to put a small pipe wrench on the spindle and break it loose. Thanks for the heads Oil drain plug stuck good - Ford 9N, 2N, 8N Forum Nov 05, 2019 · Posted:Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:14 pm Post subject:Re:Oil drain plug stuck good:Well we know that no socket or combination wrench is going to work, LOL. I have gotten two of them off with the jack, pipe wrench, wood block and pipe method.

Oil to Old EFM Stoker Coal Boilers Using Anthracite

Nov 18, 2013 · I am not an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to HVAC, but would consider myself a pretty advanced DIY kind of guy. I can follow blueprints and schematics (machinist / fabricator by trade) I would be grateful for some guidance from those that have been there, done that and have a 20/20 hindsight. I am not sure how old the boiler is. Penetrating OilJun 20, 2020 · When the irrigation guy came out, he had a little oil can, squirted a few drops on the joint, banged it with a hammer a couple of times, and with me holding the part in place with a pipe wrench, he broke it free easy as can be. He told me his penetrating oil was the secret:half and half mix of acetone and transmission fluid.

Preventing stuck choke tubes in a Caesar Guerini

Jan 29, 2014 · The solution in preventing stuck Caesar Guerini choke tubes is to lube the complete barrel of the choke tube before installing them. When you lube only the threads, and because the threads are located on the muzzle end of the tube, this allows gases to come between the choke tube and the barrel at the breach end of the tube when firing the shotgun. Radiator with high heels? Heating Help:The WallIn reality, those radiator pipes that come up out of the floor are probably screwed into an elbow that feeds from a vertical pipe in the wall. You may be able to take the pipe out of the floor and replace it with a shorter nipple. That would allow you to lower the radiator back down to the floor.

Remove SBC oil fill tube? The H.A.M.B.

Aug 27, 2012 · The skinnier one got a caps screwed on both ends, one with a hook on it. When you slide the larger pipe toward you it hits the cap. Then, it just a matter of drilling two holes on the end of the stuck oil filler pipe & sliding a bolt through the holes. Then you just hook the bolt & tap the filler pipe out with the greatest of ease. Removing the Trailing Arm Bumper Triumph TR6 MG Remembering now that I used the pipe wrench on the rubber stop bumpers too after getting the seized up studs out of the TA with it. Put the pipe wrench on the large washer-type base of the bump stop and just twisted it - came off fairly easy. No heat or penetrating oil needed but it was stuck pretty good. Good luck. Bob Bob Evans

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The oil will bubble and pop if water is present. It probably went to full boil because water will boil faster than oil and it continued after you shut it off because it takes time for the water to cool. This is only a guess on my part. I have seen the oil in a fryer explode when there is water in it. Sticking pressuretrol? Heating Help:The WallUsually the loop of the pigtail will give you enough leverage to turn it by hand, but if the pipe joint compound has hardened, you might be in for a tough time. The trouble with using a pipe wrench on a brass pigtail is that brass is soft and pigtails are thin-walled, so the wrench is apt to crush it.

Stripped drain plug removal GMC Truck Forum

Apr 28, 2010 · If you have the room (and I'll bet you do), a pipe wrench bites better and is longer allowing you to apply more torque than vice grips. Remember, a pipe wrench is made for turning smooth, round pipe. Little known trick, but if you have horribly limited clearance, a basin wrench (the type made for installing faucets) is a helluva handy tool. Stuck bolt help? Page 2 Tacoma WorldAug 10, 2019 · Homemade 50/50 mix of acetone and transmission oil was tested as the best penetrating oil followed by kroil oil and liquid wrench. Much easier and cheaper to buy the mix. Unfortunately, there's a likelihood that no oil is able to penetrate past the bolt

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There was an accident in Texas if I recall, in an oil drilling op, where it was routine and even company approved to use "cheater" bars when the drill would get stuck. They would use a 48 or 60" wrench with a cheater and several guys would torque on it. The wrench snapped and took a guy oil priming plug removal Opel GT ForumApr 27, 2018 · Ok I need help. I've searched but can't find any tricks to getting a seized oil prime plug out. I've rounded off the corners and tried grabbing it even with vise grips as tight as I can clamp it and no luck. Engine is in the car and I'm trying to replace the plug with the OGTS oil temp

Stuck oil filter? Use a pipe wrench Page 4 Bob Is

Jan 15, 2021 · That filter torque wrench was specifically for Honda P-gasket filters (some of them anyway - Ref post #58 which shows a torque spec = 15~18 ft-lbs on a Honda OEM filter. It's not to be used on every filter known to man. Guess you've only seen certain model P-gasket Honda filters and have only seen Honda service manuals.

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