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equivalent hardness and tensile strengths

AL 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Properties, Density, Tensile

Ultimate Tensile strength, MPa (ksi) Yield strength, MPa (ksi) Elongation in 50 mm (2 in.), % Brinell Hardness, HB (500 kgf load 10 mm ball) 1.6mm (1/16 in.) thick specimen:12.5mm (1/2 in.) thick specimen:6061-O:125 (18) 55 (8) 25:27:30:6061-T4, T451:240 (35) 145 (21) 22:22:65:AL 6061-T6, T651:310 (45) 275 (40) 12:15:95:Alclad 6061-O:115 (17) 50 (7) 25

Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness and Tensile Strength

Brinell and Vickers hardness and tensile strength equivalents. Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness and Tensile Strength Equivalents. Enter your search terms Submit search form Site Recommended for Users of Netscape Navigator and Browsers Not Displaying this Page Properly Conversion of Hardness and Tensile Strength in Steels Mar 05, 2014 · Conversion of Hardness and Tensile Strength in Steels. Use of conversion charts and factors to convert hardness values in steels is widely done and typically based on ASTM methodology. SAE Ferrous Materials Manual Lists ASTM E140 Standard Hardness Conversion Tables for Metals.

Definition Of Mechanical Properties - Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength:This is the ability of a material to withstand tensile loads without rupture when the material is in tension: Information on hardness measurement is found on page:S32304 S31803 S32205 S32750 Mechanical Properties Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Aluminum Pipes Mechanical Properties Definition Of Mechanical Properties Ductile Iron Data - Section 3 - Part 1Figure 3.1 illustrates the wide range of strength, ductility and hardness offered by conventional Ductile Iron. The high ductility ferritic irons shown on the left provide elongation in the range 18-30 per cent, with tensile strengths equivalent to those found in low carbon steel.

Engineering Fundamentals Refresh:Strength vs. Stiffness

Hardness measures a materials resistance to surface deformation. For some metals, like steel, hardness and tensile strength are roughly proportional (see ASTM A 370-68 Steel Tables). For this article, were doing a refresh of the fundamentals, looking at some common pitfalls in identifying between mechanical strength vs. stiffness vs hardness, the technical differences between the three, and their HARDNESS VS. STRENGTHof strength (yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, impact strength, etc.) The terms "hardness" and "strength" may even be conflated for many people. It is true that hardness and tensile strength correlate fairly well with one another. So, the first question that needs to be addressed is, Can I use hardness test

Hardness Conversion Chart - provides values for Brinell

Approx Tensile Strength (psi) 60kg Brale:100kg 1/16" Ball:150kg Brale:100kg Brale:100kg 1/8" Ball:60kg 1/16" Ball:15kg Brale:30kg Brale:45kg Brale:30 kg 1/16" Ball:10mm Ball Steel:10mm Ball Steel:Diamond Pyramid:Sciero-scope:86.5---70:78.5-----94.0:86.0:77.6-----1076:101---86.0---69:77.7-----93.5:85.0:76.5-----1044:99---85.6---68:76.9-----93.2:84.4:75.4----- Hardness and Tensile Strength of Steels:Brinell and Following is an estimate of the relationship between various hardness scales and the tensile strength of standard steels. It should be considered as a general comparison not applicable to all materials:Hardness Conversion Table. Brinell Hardness Rockwell Hardness; Tungsten Carbide Ball 3000 KG Steel Grade Equivalent Table (EN, SAE/AISI

Material Chart (version 2)

SAE 43 Copper 58.00 Tensile Strength ASTM B584 Tin 0.50 Alloy 865 Zinc 39.50 Brinell Hardness UNS C86500 Aluminum 1.00 Iron 1.00 ASTM A-48 Class 30 Tensile Strength CL30 UNS F12101 30,000 PSI CL40 UNS F12801 Class 40 Tensile Strength CL50 UNS F13501 40,000 PSI Class 50 Tensile Strength 50,000 PSI ASTM A536 Tensile Strength Grade 80-55-06 80,000 PSI Material Properties of S355 Steel - An OverviewAug 23, 2015 · S355 Tensile Strength Mpa to 600 Mpa S355 Density. Density of S355 is 7850 kg/m3 like all other mild steel. S355 Hardness (Brinell Hardness - HB) Hardness for S355 J2 ranges from 146 HB to 187 HB. S355 Young's Modulus. S355 Youngs's Modulus is 190 to 210 Gpa, in a conservative design go for 190 Gpa. S355 Equivalents S355 EN 10025:1990

Niagara Lasalle Steel Products - Stressproof ®, ASTM A311

Yield Strength (.2% offset) 125,000 psi :Machining Characteristics:80% of 1212 :Elongation:5% Min. Reduction of Area:15% Min. Rockwell C Hardness *30 Min. Brinell Hardness * 280 Min. * In the event of disagreement between hardness and tensile strength, the tensile strength Noku et al, Material ci Eng , a t e Journal of Material strength and tensile strength have been hardness testing because of its non- destructive (or semi destructive) nature, leaving behind only an indentation [8]. A simple equation that correlates tensile strength (TS) and hardness (H) can be stated as follows [9]:TS=H.k (1) where k is coefficient.

S550MC / 1.0986 - SteelNumber - Chemical composition

EN 10149-2:1996 Specification for hot-rolled flat products made of high yield strength steels for cold forming. Delivery conditions for thermomechanically rolled steels Equivalent grades: Steel Hardness Conversion TableSteel Hardness Conversion Table. This table shows approximate hardness of steel using Brinell, Rockwell B and C and Vickers scales. These conversion charts are provided for guidance only as each scales uses different methods of measuring hardness. The right hand column show an approximate equivalent tensile strength.

Tensile Strengths and Hardness of Tablets - ScienceDirect

The axial and radial tensile strengths were compared to the hardness of compressed tablets containing various concentrations of lubricants. Since radial tensile strength measurement considers the thickness of a tablet, and only tensile stress and axial tensile strength e the strength in the direction in which capping may occur, the tensile strengths characterize the strength of a tablet What is Hardness and Tensile Strength - Definition In this case, the ultimate tensile strength (in psi) approximately equals the Brinell Hardness Number multiplied by 500. Generally, a high hardness will indicate a relatively high strength and low ductility in the material. In industry, hardness tests on metals are used mainly as a check on the quality and uniformity of metals, especially during heat treatment operations. The tests can generally be applied

Yield Strength vs. Tensile Strength - What's the

At 100°C, the tensile strength of copper falls from 220Mpa at room temperature, to 209Mpa. These variations are compensated for by using a factor of safety, which is usually a fraction of the original tensile strength in design considerations. Comparative analysis of yield strength and tensile strengthRelation of Hardness to Mechanical Properties Tensile StrengthFor example:HV 300 corresponds to a Sigma-y of approximately 1000 MPa. An approximate relationship between the hardness and the tensile strength (of steel) is, Where HB is the Brinnell Hardness of the material, as measured with a standard indenter and a 3000 kgf load. Figure 23. Harfdness & Tensile Strength

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